THE SCORE HoCo Programme

THE SCORE HoCo Programme

An enterprise’s ability to learn, adapt and improve its business operations is critical to its long-term success. Rapidly changing customer preferences and business environment require enterprises to possess ability to adapt and change. Therefore, it is imperative for both large and small enterprises to embrace a culture of continuous improvement – with a constant focus on finding better ways of doing things.

SCORE HoCo is a Hospitality Coaching program for small hotels and restaurants. It is adapted from ILO’s Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) Training programme. It has been introduced to hundreds of small enterprises in hospitality industry in Myanmar, Indonesia and Bolivia and proven its effectiveness in increasing business profits, staff retention, and satisfaction of both customers and employees.

This programme is led by experienced trainers who know hotels and tourism industry inside out to solve your business problems together. The problem solving process and suggested solutions are tailored to meet individual needs of your business!

In each training cycle, maximum 6 businesses will participate in classroom trainings together to discuss common problems and learn best practices from each other.

SCORE HoCo will assist you to become more competitive and efficient by demonstrating how to attract your target customers and be the best among your competitors. It will also increase guest satisfaction by understanding your customers’ needs and by improving your service quality, hygiene and occupational safety & health practices and environmentally friendly operations.

It consists of the following 3 classroom training sessions:

  • Theme 1: Workplace Cooperation;
  • Theme 2: Service Excellence; and,
  • Theme 3: A step forward to innovation.

The training and consulting program lasts approximately 3 months, which consists of:

  • Baseline Assessment to assess the current condition of hotel/restaurant using qualitative and quantitative information;
  • 3-day Training of Enterprises (ToE) to teach training participants knowledge and skill sets required for better hotel operations and to develop an action plan to improve their own hotel/restaurant’s business practices;
  • At least 3 coaching visits followed by the classroom training to identify the problems of each hotel’s operations and find the solutions together; and,
  • Results presentation session carried out by Hospitality Improvement Team (HIT) to share changes in each hotel/restaurant’s with all other training participants after all interventions are completed.

The training programme aims to strengthen teamwork and communication between employers and workers to gather ideas on how to improve business operations and how to execute improvement plans together. Each participating enterprise will form a “Hospitality Improvement Team (HIT)” within its enterprise, which will serve as the core group in improving business performances.