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please choose the most suitable one, otherwise select ‘Other’ and specify
please choose the most suitable one, otherwise select ‘Other’ and specify

Permanent employees)

No. of managers: (oversee the work of supervisors)

No. temporary/ contract workers (Temporary/ contract workers who do not have a fixed/ full time contract, such as part-time and seasonal workers.)

No. Of employees 24 years and below


hereby confirm that

would like to participate in the SCORE training programme, implemented by the Management Development and Productivity Institute (MDPI) and supported by Invest for Jobs, and understand the following commitments:

• At least 1 worker and 1 manager (preferably 2 workers and 2 managers, and gender-balanced team) will participate in an in-classroom training as Enterprise Improvement Team;
• The intervention will cover some selected number of days over 3 months;
• A consultant will work closely with the Enterprise Improvement Team to improve productivity and working conditions of the company by visiting the enterprises at least 3 times during the two months of implementation;
• The company will share relevant data and information with the consultant as well as ILO and GIZ as a means to measure and monitor the success of SCORE Training implementation and;
• Selected enterprises can be visited as models of good practices by ILO and GIZ Ghana team.

The deadline for the filling of forms is 8th November, 2023