Industrial Engineering Department- A brief walkthrough

Industrial Engineering Department- A brief walkthrough

The Industrial Engineering Department is purposed to provide cutting edge support to Industries in their drive for excellence in Production and Service Management.

The 21ST century presents opportunities and threats to industries. There are unlimited opportunities for business success and expansion. However, threats such as balancing production targets with output, maintaining an efficient and dedicated workforce vis-à-vis coping with the present COVID-19 Pandemic linger on. These notwithstanding, industries should remain resilient even in the face of adversities and adopt to the new normal.  Training and Consultancy provides a ready-made answer to the present conundrum and MDPI led training in Industrial Engineering unravels the mystery of uncertainty, waste and ensuring continuous improvement of processes and procedures.

The range of result-oriented programmes bothers on (but not limited to) Productivity with attitudinal change as a necessary precursor, its Measurement, Compensation Management as well as production planning. We also facilitate and Project Manage through the feasibilities, the proposal writing, the results-based Monitoring and the Facilities Management Processes.

Maintenance Management and Occupational Health and Safety programmes will surely draw your fancy. The lack of organized maintenance regime has always been a big challenge to individuals and organizations more so during this wasteful period of the coronavirus pandemic where resources have been few and far between. Maintenance management undoubtedly remains a key value on which the continued survival of every Organization hinges. All resources be it human, material, facility or machine (equipment) need productive maintenance. The lifespan of such assets could be profoundly extended and their efficiency enhanced by a set of prudent maintenance management choices.

Occupational Health and Safety remains pivotal to Industry. Worker safety in all of these remain crucial. To demand work efficiency from a worker is to provide a safe atmosphere that will enable workers to thrive. Article 24(1) of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana provides inter alia: – “Every person has the right to work under satisfactory safe and healthy conditions” The worker’s right to a safe and healthy working condition is constitutionally guaranteed and is not negotiable.

Coupled with the above, the enormous burden of poor working condition is a stunning statistic that must be checked. Accidents occasioning injury to workers occur on a daily basis. The International Labour Organisation (ILO), the United Nations (UN) organ dealing with labour matters worldwide, estimates that over 2.3 million work-related accidents or diseases occur annually worldwide. This corresponds to over 6000 deaths every single day. Hence the overwhelming importance of Occupational Health and Safety interventions at the workplace.

A well thought out training package designed to meet the needs of industry challenges await all patrons of MDPI which is masterly delivered by the Industrial Engineering Department in line with current global trends.

By: Michael Frimpong (Mr.)

Ag Head, Industrial Engineering